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Increase the appeal of the Tommy Bahama brand by reviving its retail experience.
My Role:

Project/creative brief

Project management 

Secondary research

Employee interviews

Project presentation

Deck narrative

Store visits

Tommy Bahama wants to demonstrate that it's not just a place to buy "aloha" shirts and vacation wear, but stylish and high-quality everyday outfits.
The brand’s goal is to inspire people to relax. However, instead of being perceived as a "luxury relaxation haven," Tommy Bahama is perceived as a an uncool "dad on vacation."
Studies show that the beach is one of the best places to de-stress and relax; however, you don't actually have to travel to a beach to reap the benefits.
Tommy Bahama: An everyday oasis.

Live Easy.

TOMMY_Front_0034 (1).jpg
TOMMY_Front Window0034 (1).jpg

Fitting rooms


Core items

Featured products, men's seasonal

TOMMY_TopDown Floorplan0034 (1).png

Back of house

"Vacation" wear

Core items

Featured products, women's seasonal

Tommy Bahama will bring the benefits of the beach to you. The revitalized retail experience appeals to all of the five senses. With soothing scents, warm lighting, and natural sounds, guests will immediately feel a sense of relaxation and tranquility as soon as they enter the space.

TOMMY_Drink Welcome0034.png

Shoppers can take a break in the seating area...

Guests will be welcomed by a store associate who will offer them a glass of fresh mint basil lemonade to enjoy while they shop.

TOMMY_Center_Women Side0034 (1).png
TOMMY_Ipad2_0034 (1).jpg

...And participate in a guided meditation using the iPads and headphones provided.

"Tommy's Relaxation Tips" places throughout the store are reminders to encourage guests to relax, and inspire them to live easy. For example, "visualize the sand between your toes" or "take 3, slow, deep breaths."

TommyTip_FIXED_render_high0034 copy (1).
TOMMY_Fitting-Room_Screens (1).gif

To make one of the most stressful points of shopping, less stressful, Tommy Bahama's changing room experience has been revamped. The new changing rooms allow guests to visualize themselves in a relaxing place by selecting scenery to 'view' from the change room window. Whether it's at the beach, or a sunny vineyard, guests can experience how their outfits will look and feel, no matter their escape. 

TOMMY_Event Sign0034 (1).png

 Tommy Bahama will host a range of events, from yoga classes, to mindfulness sessions, to truly embody the relaxation lifestyle and encourage guests to live easy. 

Bag_on Hook_cropped.jpg

 Tommy Bahama will introduce reusable shopping bags that can be used as a beach bag, grocery bag, or gym bag. With hidden messages inside, these will act as a reminder to take time to relax.

Campaign: Live Easy

Out of home advertising will be placed in spaces where our audience, workaholics, can be found. Such as billboards along busy highway commutes to work, and radio ads during rush hours. Ads will also be placed in airports by bag carousels, and in the seat backs of aircrafts.


Direct mail will be sent to individuals who live within proximity to the revamped retail stores, inviting them to come and live easy. Those who bring the direct mailers with them when they visit the store will be able to redeem for an essential oil roller of Tommy Bahama's signature scent while supplies last.

An Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration will be available, allowing people to ask for "Tommy's Relaxation Tip of the Day." People will be invited to visit Tommy Bahama's social channels, such as Instagram and Facebook to learn more.

Screenshot 2019-11-27 16.10.43.png

Social platforms will expand on "Tommy's Relaxation Tips," with daily reminders to help people live easy.


Nick DeLeon (ST)

Alana Loveys (CBM) 

Connor Noh (CW) 

Melissa Poe (XD) 

Emmaline Terry (AD) 

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