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How can lululemon create healthier communities through its store locations?
Healthier Communities HeroX Challenge Submission
My Role:

Brand Audit

Consumer Research

Competitive Analysis

Project/creative brief

Case study submission

HeroX competition write-up

lululemon is seeking new and innovative ways to use its store locations to improve the mind, body, and local community at large.
Disrupt the industry by leaning into a whitespace that no other athleisure brand occupies -- the concept of rest and recovery. 
Individuals feel guilty about taking a rest day.
Help active individuals achieve their goals through spaces that inspire them to make the most of their days off.
Screenshot 2020-04-11 17.41.10.png
balance by lululemon is a space dedicated to an often overlooked aspect of fitness: rest. The space incorporates both passive and active methods of recovery to help address the needs of a wide range of guests. 
lululemon's purpose is to elevate the world by unleashing the full potential in everyone of us. In order for individuals to achieve their goals and reach their full potential, they need to understand the importance of rest. The goal is to change the perception of rest and help educate communities on the role it plays in becoming the best version of yourself.
Screenshot 2020-04-11 18.08.10.png
What's in the Space?

Fuel Space

Movement Zone

Retail Capsule

How it Works
Screenshot 2020-04-11 17.55.02.png
balance by lululemon app checks you in when you enter the space
Screenshot 2020-04-11 17.54.56.png
Secure your belongings in the lockers or cubbies provided
Participate in an ambassador-led class
Screenshot 2020-04-11 17.54.56.png
Guide yourself using lululemon’s on-demand health and fitness resources
Replenish your body with proper nutrients in the Fuel Space
Screenshot 2020-04-11 17.54.56.png
Treat yourself from the Retail Capsule help you feel your best
The Team

Ynes Bouck (XD), Nick DeLeon (ST), Alana Loveys (CBM), Connor Noh (CW), Halle Sinnott (CBM), and Emmaline Terry (AD)

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