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I'm Alana.

Nice to meet you!

When I was five I aspired to be a Walmart greeter—partly because I wanted unlimited access to happy face stickers, but also because I love to meet and talk to new people! However, life took me on a different path and that's okay...

I'm always up for an adventure! 

I'm now a Business/Branding Master's Candidate at VCU Brandcenter, concentrating in Creative Brand Management. I've often been called an 'overachiever.' I think that's because I have a curious mind and a desire for constant improvement. I'm an energetic person who puts 110% into everything that I do. I'm a creative blank slate who needs to do what I love, and love what I do. 

I love to analyze brands, solve problems, and make a real difference. Nothing excites me more than seeing a project come together and having fun while doing it. I dream about changing the way people experience brands.

Fun Facts.


I was born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada, a province with its own unique culture, dictionary, and time zone.

I almost became an accountant...Until I saw the light and found my passion for marketing and branding (and Brandcenter).

I've travelled to 27 countries. I crave new adventures and learning about people, places, and cultures. 

I'm a former Varsity XC runner. I love to set and accomplish goals. I'm currently training for another half-marathon. 

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