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Harry Jacobs Pitch 2019: Toothpaste

There are some things in life that you want to show off...



Make a mundane product extraordinary,

compelling, and desirable. 

Submit a creative brief. 

Finalists pitch to the Selection Panel.


View my leave behind here.  

Consumer staple. 

Low involvement purchase.

"All the same."

Toothpaste is really only good at one thing...

“Toothpaste is a polishing paste to assist you in removing the film that builds up on your teeth over the course of the day (and night).

That’s it!” 

- Dr. Mark Burhenne, DMD

1/3 purchases are based on packaging.

Packaging has experienced little change since the 1950s. 

“50% of consumers believe that

current toothpaste packaging

looks clinical, dull, and boring.”


Give toothpaste a fresh new look.

Consumer Profile
Consumer Profile

About Sarah.

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Consumer Profile
Consumer Profile

Sarah shops at places such as Target, TJ Maxx, and Urban Outfitters. All places where she can browse clothing and also home decor items. She gets a lot of her inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, and HGTV television, magazines, and online articles.

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Sarah's Bathroom & Toothpaste.
Sarah's Bathroom & Toothpaste.

This is Sarah's bathroom. She hates the way her toothpaste looks on her counter. While she tries to keep it clean, the tube constantly crinkles up and looks messy. Sarah wants a toothpaste that fits her bathroom decor but won't break the bank.

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Consumer Profile
Consumer Profile

About Sarah.

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Say bye to unattractive,

dull, & boring...


The 'Method' of toothpaste.

Display with


Target young women (18-34 years old)


Tastes great & does the job


Attractive plastic exterior (think: your favorite hand lotion)


Gravity based (easy-to-use; no more scrunched up tubes)


“Shelfie-able” (ready for the 'gram)


A competitive analysis of a variety of toothpaste brands on the market was completed.

Some people pay $17 for a tube of toothpaste because they believe that the aesthetics are worth the price. 

“I was seduced by the packaging… Paying extra bucks to make a daily ritual less of a chore and more of a treat doesn’t feel like a ridiculous extravagance. I love how it looks on my sink. I appreciate that. I have to look at it, you know?"

- Fierro, A Marvis Toothpaste User

There is a whitespace for an aesthetically pleasing toothpaste at an affordable price. 

Screenshot 2019-03-10 21.51.21.png

MSRP - 4oz tube: $6.24 ($1.56/oz)

Compared to:

Marvis: $12.00 ($3.15/oz)

Colgate: $4.16 ($1.04/oz)


Screenshot 2019-03-10 22.06.06.png



Temporary display in decor section of retailers (e.g. Target) to display how toothpaste would look in the bathroom.


Surprise giveaways of product at 'unexpected' places (e.g. home decor stores such as Pier 1, Home Goods). 

Product with purchase of a bathroom decor item (limited time partnerships with home stores).


2/3 people take action after seeing a product featured in print.

41% of the target audience gain inspiration and ideas for products through magazines. 

Feature in home decor magazines (e.g. HGTV).


Work with Instagram, Youtube, & Pinterest influencers.

Feature organic reviews.


Host giveaways.

Screenshot 2019-03-10 22.39.19.png

Design your own. 

Customize tube & cap to match your decor. 

Online only - ship directly to consumer. 


30 people were interviewed and asked if they would be interested in this product. Here's what they said: 


“100% YES! I complain about our ugly toothpaste to my fiancé all the time. It’s an eyesore on the counter.”


“If it wasn’t too expensive I definitely would buy it. Personally, I hate clutter and a messy looking counter so I feel like having it would make my bathroom look modern AF…”


“YES. I was literally thinking about this the other day! Everything in my bathroom I try to make go with my aesthetic. Even my essentials cause I’m a dumb millennial and live for that shit…But my toothpaste is ugly so I keep it hidden in a box I got at Target.”

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