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The Ask.

Design a new construction/building game.

The Insight. 

Companies with engaged employees have 2.5x higher revenues than companies with low engagement. However, 70% of US workers are not engaged at work. Investing in professional team-building programs can be costly. 

The Idea. 

Develop a team-building game that any organization can afford. 



The Monopoly of Team-Building. 

How to Play.


Divide Teams.

Recommended: 2-4 people per team. Up to 8 teams. Pick one team to go first. 


Draw cards. 

First team draws a project, budget, and materials card. 

1. Project card: Notifies all teams on what they have to build and the time limit they have to construct it in.


2. Budget card: Notifies teams on the amount of money they have to spend on additional inventory to help them build during the project period.


3. Materials card: Notifies teams on a specific material that they must use at least one of in their project. (This material may or may not be included in the starting inventory pack. If it is not included, the team must purchase the material to include or points will be deducted).


Remaining teams each take turns to draw a Challenger card from the pile. This card will notify the team if they have the same guidelines that the starting team selected, or if they have to consider something different. (For example, one team may select a card that says they have a different starting budget amount).

1. Front.png
1. Front (2).png
1. Front (1).png
3 (2).png


5 minutes to strategize approach before building period begins. 

During this time teams can sketch out ideas for how they want their project to look, and which materials they will need to construct their creation. Teams can also use this time to plan their budget and purchase materials from the game host up front prior to the building time commencing.


All materials purchased during the planning phase will be sold to the teams for 20% off the price on the cost sheet (representing the realities of purchasing in bulk from suppliers).

The game host will notify the teams when there is only 1 minute remaining in the planning period and when the building period officially begins.


Let the games begin!

The duration of the building period is determined on the “Project” card.


During this time, teams can use their starting inventory (and any materials purchased during the planning phase) to construct their project. If teams wish to purchase any additional materials during this period, they must pay the full price listed on the cost sheet (due to the realities of demand and market factors).


At the halfway time into the build, the game host will instruct teams to draw a Client card. This card will state a message from the ‘client’ to the team (representing the realities of project work). It may include things such as a desire to try to reduce the budget, or a desire to include another material in the building of the project. Teams will be provided bonus points for their ability to incorporate the suggestion.

1.-Front (1).png
3 (1).png

Once the building time is up, the game host will notify teams to stop building and judging will

commence. Teams will be scored based on the criteria listed on the scorecard. The team with the highest number of points, wins!


Max Farinholt, CBM

Michelle Lee, CBM - Game prototype and artwork

Alana Loveys, CBM - Game concept and instructions

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