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Brand Extension

Logically extend what a brand is already doing into something useful or beneficial for the world or a community.
Sports have the power to change lives. Sports increase confidence, help build character, and teach life lessons. DICK’S Sporting Goods is the largest omni-channel full-line sports goods retailer in the United States; however, in recent years, the retailer has been struggling.
Youth participation in sports is declining, and unfortunately, sport participation is diverging according to income. More middle and lower-income individuals are quitting athletics, while participation of wealthier children is rising. 
Currently, in order to play a sport, individuals have to either buy the equipment second hand, or purchase it upfront. Equipment is costly and children often grow out of their gear quickly.
It is increasingly difficult for low-income families to afford the cost of sport involvement.
Increase youth sport participation, and encourage more active communities, by removing the barrier of needing to own equipment.

Rent for Recreation by DICK’S. 


An equipment rental initiative aimed at shrinking the “play gap” and improving sports access.

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