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Bring new life into the classic Fritos brand with a line extension and brand refresh.
Fritos has a bad reputation for being an unwanted chip. When compared to other chips, Fritos consistently rank last. They are often seen as the "struggle" snack you eat when there are no other options. In order to convince consumers to choose Fritos, the brand needs to be brought back to life.
Brand Truth
In 1932, when Fritos was founded, it was a food and family based brand. Created in Charles Elmer Doolin's mother's kitchen, the corn chips were envisioned to be a side dish or an ingredient. Initial advertising encouraged people to cook with Fritos, and by the 1950s, Fritos were a staple in pantries across America.
Cultural Truth

More and more people feel as if there is not enough time in the day. When it comes to eating, simple solutions (such as snacking and eating out) are sought. While people aspire to cook more, they don't because it seems like a chore. They believe that cooking takes up too much time, and requires a level of expertise and skill that they don't have. 

When paired with other foods, like chili, Fritos shine.
Reintroduce Fritos as more than a grab-and-go corn chip by bringing Fritos back to food, and back to family.

Show people how fun and easy it is to spice up a meal with Fritos. 


Fritos has had the same logo for decades. We decided to freshen it up by making it simple, yet recognizable. 

We also added various recipe ideas on the back of the bags to show people ways that they can pair Fritos with their food.

One bag of Fritos is 9 servings. We updated the packaging to be resealable. Whether you're grabbing a handful to snack on, or using half of the bag in a Frito Pie, the chips will stay fresh! 

Screenshot 2019-10-25 22.07.06.png
Screenshot 2019-10-25 22.45.27.png

Customers are actively seeking new chip innovations. 

We introduced a range of Fritos products that make it easier for people to pair Fritos with their favorite foods and experience new flavors. 

Screenshot 2019-10-25 22.57.49.png

The new products will be featured on in-aisle displays next to foods they pair well with. 

For example, the tostada boats and crunch bowls will be featured in the meats section, while the crunch cones and crumbles will be displayed near the ice cream and frozen deserts. 

Screenshot 2019-10-25 23.02.09.png

Our traditional advertising pushes the idea of fun further by encompassing games to play with food and Fritos.


Print, featured in family friendly magazines, would showcase Fritos games, like Chili Chip Crumble, and include instructions on how to play, and what's needed. 

Instructional "how to play" videos will be shared across social channels.

Chili Chip Crumble - How to play (00:16)

Fritos has had success partnering with fast food brands in the past. We want to bring back brand partnerships. To encourage brands to work with us, we will start conversations with them on twitter to peak their interest and gauge consumer interest. 

Frito DQ Tweet.png
Fritos Taco Bell Tweet.png
Frito M&M tweet.png

We will also place billboards carrying the partnership messaging near restaurants.

Frito Ben Billboard.png

There's an opportunity for Fritos to have a presence at sports and entertainment events, as well as food and music festivals.

A tent will travel across the country giving out bags of Fritos, recipe samples, and encouraging people to participate in Fritos games.

Screenshot 2019-10-25 23.48.41.png

Games include: 

Screenshot 2019-10-25 23.49.08.png

Corn Chip Cornhole

Dip the Chip Wheelbarrow Race

Snack Pack Sack Race

There will also be a food truck that travels to events and locations to encourage trial of food with Fritos. 

Screenshot 2019-10-25 23.49.20.png

The campaign will build a stronger fan base for the brand, while attracting new consumers. It will also increase sales of Fritos by reframing it as a complement. 

What did I do?

Secondary Research

Conducted research on the brand, consumer, culture, category, and competition through industry and trade publications, reading "Fritos Pie," social listening, and Simmons data.

Primary Research

Talked to consumers on social platforms, and in-person interviews.

Strategic Development

Synthesized research to craft strategic direction. Delivered brief to creative team.


Facilitated Brainstorm and Ideation Sessions

Led whiteboard sessions to generate new products, game concepts, and campaign ideas.

Opportunity Analysis

Evaluated the market opportunity for new product launches, and determined pricing strategy. 


Helped produce video content and creative mock ups.


Created deck story, worked on deck design, and pitched project.


Alana Loveys (CBM), BriElle Munizzi (AD), Robert Hylton (CW), James Realubit (XD), Severin Didriksen (ST)

Awarded best class project as voted by our peers.

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