Brand Extension

Chobani was founded in 2005 with the goal of starting a new food movement in the United States. The brand is on a mission to bring better food to more people, and now wants to extend its mission to include pets.
Dog food brands on the market have been accused of making false health claims, resulting in a loss of consumer trust. For example, Purina has faced multiple lawsuits and product recalls. 
People treat their dogs like children: They want the best for them, and seek to feed them nutritious foods. However, it's not always easy to know what's truly healthy. There is a desire for a trusted product that is both healthy and affordable. 

Köpek: A speciality line of dog treats by Chobani. 

Soft Bites
Yogurt Bowl

Yogurt infused biscuits

Stored at room temperature

Resealable bag

Price: $9.99

Yogurt in a wide 'dog approved' bowl

Tastes great frozen

Sold individually & in packs of 4

Price: $2.99

Easy to use package 


Mix with dry food to enhance taste


Help with medicine

Price: $6.99


Plain - Gastrointestinal benefits & great source of protein

Blueberry - Strong immune system & healthy skin 

Strawberry - Packed with healthy vitamins

Raspberry - Helps relieve arthritis pain

Press Release

Notify consumers that the Chobani brand is breaking into a new category. Focus on highlighting the various health benefits of introducing yogurt into a dog's diet. 


Sponsor training classes at pet stores such as PetSmart & Petco. Reward dogs with Köpek. 

Introduce Combo Packs at current Chobani retailers. Stocked next to Chobani to increase brand awareness & encourage social sharing.


The Köpek dog food truck will tour dog parks across the U.S. giving out swag, samples, & percentage off Köpek treat coupons. 


CBMs: Alana Loveys, Chris Bates, Jim Beckmann, Halle Sinnott