Brand Activation

Beer sales are declining. New beverages, like seltzers, are on the rise. In order to increase sales and capture more beer drinkers, Coors Light needs to stand out. The brand is seeing success with its “Made to Chill” campaign, which positions the beer as a way to recharge and refresh. Coors Light is looking for a way to bring the experience of “chill” to life.
“I stopped having friends over because I don’t have the space to host them.” Due to overcrowding in cities and increasingly small living spaces, young adults no longer have the space to socialize and hang out with friends in their own homes. Landlords are turning living rooms into bedrooms to maximize profits. Living rooms provide an essential communal space to chat, eat, watch TV, and hang out, and not having this space is detrimental to people’s mental health.
People “chill” in different ways, but most people prefer to spend their free time at home (according to Mintel, 62% of adults prefer to spend their free time at home).
The Den by Coors Light: A space entirely “made to chill” when your apartment isn’t.
The Den is a place to hang out with friends (or escape your roommates) filled with living room amenities.
For those who don’t have the space they need to hang out at home, The Den provides cramped city dwellers with a much needed spot to watch tv, play board games, read a book, or simply sit back and enjoy a drink and good conversation.
How it Works
ID check at the door (21+). Guests will be invited to sign up for a membership free of charge and download The Den app.
Find a place to “chill.” Feel free to share a space with other guests.
Enjoy an activity…Or don’t. Choose to play a game, play a board game, or simply do nothing.
Use your app to unlock a fridge and grab a Coors Light. Cheers. Hungry? The app can get you food too.
Chill. You are no longer cramped in your shoebox of an apartment.
What's in the Space?

Comfy couches & seating

Coffee tables


Board games & cards

Video game consoles

Fridges with beer & other beverages

Shareable snacks made to order

Reservable rooms (members only)

Why it Works
Turns Coors Light’s brand purpose into a reality, bolstering brand love from new and existing consumers.
Extends the life of the “Made to Chill” campaign, which had initial success for Coors Light in late 2019.
Provides a refuge for people who need an escape due to overcrowding in large cities.
The Team

Ynes Bouck (XD), Nick DeLeon (ST), Alana Loveys (CBM), Connor Noh (CW), Halle Sinnott (CBM), and Emmaline Terry (AD)