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26 Countries

I am extremely grateful to have been able to see so much of the World already in my short life. Below are 26 stories from 26 countries* that I can tell

  1. United States - the one where I moved spontaneously 

  2. Canada - the one where I grew up

  3. United Kingdom - the one where I studied abroad 

  4. Croatia - the one where we weren’t prepared for swimming

  5. Greece - the one where we lived in a cave

  6. France - the one where we didn’t get to ride the Ferris wheel 

  7. Spain - the one where we made jungle juice 

  8. Portugal - the one where I jumped out of a plane 

  9. Ireland - the one with St Patrick’s day 

  10. Scotland - the one with the hike

  11. Hungary - the one where we thought we had an extra day

  12. Czech Republic - the one with the rings and lost leggings

  13. Netherlands - the one with

  14. Cuba - the one where I almost got kidnapped 

  15. Mexico - the one with chicken pizza

  16. Jamaica - the one with the cliff jumping and tubing

  17. The Bahamas - the one with the segways

  18. St. Maarten*- the one with the low flying planes and nude beach

  19. Haiti - the one with the dragon tail coaster

  20. Grand Cayman*- the one with the duck boat, parasailing, and iguanas

  21. Saint Thomas*- the one with the donkey and the broken down bus

  22. Hong Kong - China - the one where we stayed on the wrong side 

  23. Vietnam - the one with the scooters

  24. Thailand - the one with the prince 

  25. Cambodia - the one with the crocs and tours

  26. Singapore - the one with the $6 mini donut

*debatable if it can be counted as a country on my list or not

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