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Strategist. Smiler. Opportunity seeker.

I used to say that my favourite vegetable was “meat.” 

Growing up, in order to avoid eating another dreaded carrot, I’d make up skits and songs in hopes that my performances would be rewarded with McNuggets. My pitches were moderately successful, and it was then that I realized I had a knack for creating and delivering compelling, and convincing stories.


Ever since, I’ve been in pursuit of a career that would challenge me to use my love for generating and presenting creative ideas.

Fun Facts


I'm a former Varsity XC runner. I love to set and accomplish goals. 


I've travelled to 28 countries. I crave new adventures and learning about people, places, and cultures. 


I was a member of the 2016 World Cup winning Enactus Team, Enactus Memorial.

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